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Please visit Eventbrite to view all upcoming Breathwork sessions, which take place at a number of venues across London.

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If you are interested in a type of session that is not listed here, or have any questions, please get in touch using the Contact form.

Types of Session

Introductory Sessions

A concise introduction to Breathwork, covering it's history, how it works and what to expect, followed by some exercises to explore your breath, body, and energy field.

Group  Sessions

A group session is the usual way to do Breathwork. A standard session lasts around 3 hours and includes a 2 hour Breathwork session.

Individual  Sessions

If you are more comfortable doing Breathwork in private, one-to-one sessions are also available. Standard sessions last approximately 2.5 hours, and include a 1.5 hour Breathwork session.

If you are interested in one-to-one sessions or retreats please get in touch using the Contact form.

Day and Weekend Retreats

Combining an introductory session and a group Breathwork session, these sometimes also involve work with other practitioners and other work such as meditation and free movement.

If you are interested attending a retreat please get in touch using the Contact form.

Counselling and Energy Work

Jon also offers counselling and energetic healing. Sessions last 50 minutes.

If you are interested in counselling or energetic work please get in touch using the Contact form.

Preparing for Sessions

Read more about how to prepare for a Breathwork session here.

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Preparing for Breathwork


Please wear loose clothing and bring a mat and a blanket, a small cushion and bottle of water. If you have booked an individual session, there is no need to bring anything.


To participate in online Breathwork you need a somewhere you won't be disturbed, ideally where you can listen to  music at a reasonable volume. It should be large enough to lie down and stretch, if possible with enough room to also stand and move. A mat or blanket should be placed on the floor, with a cushion, blanket and box of tissues  placed within easy reach. If amplified music is not possible, headphones should be secured firmly and allow as much movement as possible.

Before a Session

If possible, avoid heavier foods and sugar on the day of your Breathwork session, and please abstain from drugs and alcohol for 24-48 hours before a session. You can also choose to avoid meat, or fast before a session, but general advice would be to listen to your body and give it what it asks for.

Breathwork can be emotionally and physically demanding, and is not appropriate for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular issues, epilepsy, recent surgery, severe hypertension, acute illness or diagnosed psychiatric conditions.

After a Session

Please allow plenty of time to rest and integrate your experience. A shower or bath can help to complete your experience, optionally finishing with a cold shower.


All sessions currently take place at A Space to Breathe in Cockfosters, North London. It's two minute walk from Cockfosters tube station, on the Piccadilly Line, which has a great interchange with the Victoria Line at Finsbury Park.